docker image of wpt?

Hey chaps

is there a favoured docker image for a WPT instance, please? One I an extend with my config?


I have modified this file a bit.

Attached is my modified version which works with Webpagetest v2.18
You’d have to uncomment the COPY locations.ini etc. if you plan to override with your specified files.

I’m having trouble with playing the video back. I see that the video gets recorded on the server, and is available under results/videos - but I’m unable to play it. I’m not sure if its a docker related issue or something else.
This is how I run it:
docker run -d -p 80:80 -v /data/webpagetest/results:/var/www/html/results --name webpagetest myImageName

Would really appreciate if someone can help resolve this issue.

@pmeenan - Any suggestions what could be the issue ? Is it possible that we could get webpagetest docker images from you in the near future?