iPad User String is not correct for Docker Image

User String is updated for public WPT but new docker image is not released for the same.

Steps to reproduce

I have raised a bug for iPad user string previously and it’s resolved ob public WPT “Release WebPageTest 22.01 · WPO-Foundation/webpagetest · GitHub” but when I recreated user docker container using below commands for my private instances then got the old result that is not correct

I am using below command to setup WPT server and nodes::

Server :: sudo docker run -d -p 4000:80 -v /home/ubuntu/WPTLocation/locations.ini:/var/www/html/settings/locations.ini --restart=always --name=wptserver webpagetest/server

Node :: sudo docker run -d -p 4001:80 --name wptagent -e “SERVER_URL=http://serverIP:4000/work/” -e “LOCATION=us-east-1” --cap-add=NET_ADMIN --restart=always --shm-size=4gb webpagetest/agent

@pmeenan could you please help me to solve this.


Updated on GitHub as well, but think you’ll be good to go now. :slight_smile:


I have recreated setup with updated agent image but still getting same issue.
Can you please look into again.


I have the same problem, did you find a solution?