EC2 Server AMI / Testsettings/Content missing


I spinned up an EC2 server AMI.

Now I’ve got the problem that the testsettings are (content is) mising at my private instance page.

Only the header navigation, including “home”, “test history” etc. is visible.

The firewall settings are
SSH, TCP: 22, IP:
HTTP, TCP: 80, IP:

All traffic, All protocols, All ports, IP:

And EC2 key + secret is set via user data.

Any ideas what can be the problem?


By default the server AMI is configured as a headless instance which kills most of the UI unless you are looking at a test result. You can enable the full UI by specifying headless=0 in the user data when you start it up or for a running instance go into /var/www/webpagetest/www/settings/settings.ini and remove the headless=1 entry.

Thank you very much!
By removing “headless=1” in /var/www/webpagetest/www/settings/settings.ini it works :slight_smile: