Error 404 on Test, TestHistory and About pages


I am having a little trouble. Here is my setup:

  • Windows 2008 Server, 64 bit
  • Apache server 2.2, running on port 8080
  • I was unable to install the Dummynet

The main WebPageTest page comes up without trouble, and when I submit a test URLBlast picks it up and runs the tests. I can see the web pages come up during the run. It is odd, but I can live with it.

The problem is that the /runtests.php, testslog/1 and about pages return error 404s.

I’d appreciate any advice you have. I’ve likely missed something simple here.



there is no /runtests.php (just /runtest.php) so that I can understand but testlog should work fine (do you have mod_rewrite enabled?). The current build of urlblast doesn’t work on anything other than port 80 (I have the fix on the trunk but haven’t released it yet).

Without Dummynet you’re not going to be able to run tests with different bandwidth settings. I can get you an updated locations.ini if you only want to test at native speed but running on a 32-bit box is really the best option.



Hi Pat,

Thanks: The RunTest(s) was a typo:blush:. I was hoping the port 80 fix had made the 2.0 release. I’ll re-check the mod_rewrite setting.


You can download the latest urlblast that should have the port 80 fix from here:

I haven’t tested it for non-port 80 but I did find where it was missing in the code and fixed it.

Thanks Pat!

I’ll let you know how it works.