Favicon taking too long

Hi. I was unable to understand why webpagetest requests for a favicon over http instead of https and I can’t understand why does it take so long. The following attachment shows my waterfall.

Can anybody help?

Thanks in advance,


The favicon.ico file is being downloaded in parallel. Unlikely this will effect page render.

View the video of what visitors see to verify this.

Biggest challenge relates to https://s2.glbimg.com which appears to serve as as a CDN.

Notice the erratic behavior of the SSL negotiations, especially object #42.

It appears this may be an underpowered machine, which means your site speed + stability will always be limited to https://s2.glbimg.com speed + stability.

Another possibility might be the https://s2.glbimg.com is saturating it’s ethernet adapter, which is more likely, as the other SSL negotiation times are in a much tighter time range. When a connection saturates, packets may defer for a long time, which gives jittery performance like this.

When I migrate new hosting clients onto one of my servers I strip out all sites + tech between Apache + end user. First thing I always strip out is CDNs, so all objects/assets/files required to render a page come off the same server.

This slightly increases first visit time + subsequent visits (going from one page to next page) are all blazing fast.

The perk of this approach is you’re in complete control of your entire serving process, so problems like this are easy to debug… by checking logs or checking adapter saturation.

If you look the favicon is already requested via HTTPS as request 14

When you look in devtools locally is the second favicon request made, and what’s making it?