Feels Like Killing myself With Wordpress Website

Hello Everybody.
I’am A Newbie in This Website Optimization and Spent many Days Switching Plugins to Solve The Web Performance.

Need Help For Improving My Website.


Webting.Org Test Result


Looks like very minor delays except for the first “auto-optimize” javascript. See what’s in there. The URL has /cache/, so perhaps clearing the cache will reset this and help as well.

Wow, your frustration got me to actually make an account just to reply to you, and I’ve been using this site for over a year!

This file:

It’s # three on the list here:

Turn that off! With that alone, things should improve. Whatever plugin that’s from -this is what is giving you the problem. It’s responsible for almost 23 seconds worth of trouble.

But wait there’s more! (forgive my humor)
In the same test link, line #40 and #49:

That file is referenced twice and missing from where it should be on your server. In my past experience, sometimes I’ve found missing files one level up or down in the file structure when doing repairs for clients. Try that. If not there, then unzip a new WordPress 3.8.1 zip file (the same version you are using according to a Sucuri scan of your site), go through the file structure to find the folder:
/wp-admin and look for the:
admin-ajax.php file.
Copy and upload that to the same place of your WordPress installation.

That being said, if you do that --you should be about 24 seconds faster on your test.

It’s your big “low-hanging fruit” to take care of. The rest of the optimizations that you could do will frankly take a little skill of tons of googling to squeeze[align=center] out a little more.

Personally, I love the Genesis Framework and tend to build as many of my clients websites on it for good reason. Check them out. The themes honestly don’t look like some of the best on the web, but they preform really well and are very optimized for SEO, etc. out of the box. Send me a PM if you have a really specific question that you don’t think would be best answered in this forum. Otherwise I would prefer to do any follow up questions on the thread to best help the rest of the community with a similar frustration level.


Have tried but nothing change.

Thnx for helping.:slight_smile:

haha.“Wow, your frustration got me to actually make an account just to reply to you”.Lol.

Have tried solve the fisrt js problem by deleting the cache but nothing change.

For the admin.php,also have tried and nothing change also.

If nothing could be done for these thing,Perhaps can i go for gzip compression?.The test show it is not fully gzip.Sometimes i only god a C Gred.

anyway,Thnx for helping Tulio.Really aprreciate that.:slight_smile: