Good score but extremely slow site!!


My clients website gets a page speed score of 89/100 yet loads in nearly 20 secs. It use to load around 4 or 5 seconds.

Any help would be very appreciated! Assuming the fact that it is a Wordpress site doesn’t help.

Those javascript files referenced are 404ing. Consider using a JS CDN or even hosting them properly yourself.

404 errors can affect loading time drastically.

It looks like you have fixed it though (


Wordpress itself isn’t necessarily a problem - the theme, plugins and site code is.

At a minimum you neet to merge together a bunch of the css and scripts so they are not separate requests (looks like close to 50 separate requests for different scripts and css files). Better yet would be to load the scripts at the end of the page or async so they don’t block the page content.

The images also need to be recompressed at a lower quality setting (assuming all of them are needed):

A lot of the smaller nav icons look like they should be in a sprite as well:

btw, loading your page manually seems to lead to a broken redirect to (may want to check your htaccess redirect).