GooglePlus Performance

Hi there!

Today I was notified, that our page is loading a specific asset twice. Looking at the WPT results, it is a Google+ PNG Sprite, that gets loaded twice. Once via HTTP, once via HTTPS.
Objects 75 & 83
Seems like not “we” are doing it, but the Google Code Snippet is responsible for that.
So you are downloading 42 KB instead of 21.

To find out, what is wrong, I checked WPT itself :slight_smile: and the same thing happens here as well:
Objects 27 & 38

Funny enough, when using Chrome, this doesn’t happen. Even stranger is, you do not see the initial call for https// at all!
Object 8 of the previous run is in this one absolutely missing.

So my question would be:
a) is there a way to pull the png on IE and FF just ONCE?
b) is there a (good) reason for this behaviour?
c) why is the inital request not visible in Chrome?

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Not sure about (a) and (b) yet but I can answer (c). The support for inspecting SSL and SPDY data in Chrome is pretty weak in WebPagetest right now so some requests don’t show up. I have a solution I am working on and hopefully it will land later this week. The IE and FF network traces are the accurate ones in this case.



I read on Twitter the developers of nginx think they’ll release a version with support for SPDY possibly in May.

Obviously I want to test with to see how well it works :wink:

Can I suggest a disable-SPDY option under the advanced settings ? That is probably even useful on the short run even before SPDY is supported by the software.