.har import?

Hi Pat

I need to graph some cell-phone .cap traces (a noddy copy of your Connection View)

I’d kind of intended to use .har (maybe extended) as a format to pass to the presentation layer as this format is/will be interchangable with Firebug, Fiddler and HttpWatch.

(Thus I’m hoping that parsing .cap traces will aid both functional debugging and perf optimisation…)

I did notice on one of your blogs that WPT .har import was something you were considering. Not wanting to write code that you’d write some 8 times better, are you still thinking of this?



Yes, I’ll be looking to implement it probably in a few weeks after I finish implementing the site re-design. Are you doing the cap->har conversion?



Well, yes - but cheating. (Not intending to go anywaye near WireShark apis.) I’ll be exporting a .cap as .xml and then it’s just grunt coding.

Unless anyone has any thoughts?


You don’t need to use the wireshark API’s to read a cap file. The file format itself is documented and it’s a pretty easy format to read (though it is a binary format).

There’s ‘easy’ and there’s ‘easy’. lol