Best way to visualize HAR file

Hello colleges!
Could you please suggest the simplest and fastest way to get “waterfall view” for external HAR file? File may be given linking to it by GET query or receiving from string variable.

There is no way to import HAR files into WebPagetest yet (it’s on out list to tackle next year).

btw, if you haven’t already looked - you should try HAR Viewer: It is the most common library that people use for displaying HAR files as waterfalls.

Thanks for so fast reply! I`m already using it, but your “waterfall view” I like some more. Excellent done, keep it that way)

I want to make a HAR to WabePageTest format converter. Pmeenan, could you please share any example test file for WPT 2.5?

Converting from HAR isn’t necessarily the issue, WPT doesn’t have any way to import a test right now. We actually have some har->wpt format conversion code as part of the mobile agent work but I really want to change WPT to natively understand HAR files internally.

That basically means updating and to be able to read the requests from a har file instead of (in addition to) the tab-delimited format that they currently understand. There is some meta data around the test that would also need to be created so that WPT understands it as a normal test but other than that it should just work.

It’s not a huge amount of work, we just haven’t gotten to it yet.



Once more thank you for your support! I`ll look for this feature.

Any update? Is this feature available now? I want to import a HAR file generated through custom workflow. Please help