Uploading External Har files to Webpagetest


We have some external hars generated for our ios mobile devices. Can you let me know how to import them to webpagetest. i read https://sites.google.com/a/webpagetest.org/docs/advanced-features/har-upload but didn’t find good example.


The HAR files are not meant to be imported, they are meant to be posted to work/workdone.php as the result of running a test (automatically by a test agent).

I am also interested in a feature like this (Add HAR import UI/API · Issue #21 · WPO-Foundation/webpagetest · GitHub). How simple would it be to add uploading a HAR via a POST? Where can I begin calling workdone.php via the POST?

There is an import.php entry point for importing tests (rather than hacking it into workdone.php). Right now it only knows how to process dev tools timeline files. You’d need to modify it to take HAR files.


I am sending post request as form-data with location,id,har,file and done parameters. but not getting response.

If I am opening results/{id} also, not seeing any report.

Sending devtools with import.php is not providing grades, Performace Review.

Ankit Patel