Waterfall shows, .har missing?

Hello Patrick and Team,

We have a private instance set up and are having an issue with one of our URLs which I would prefer not to share here. The Waterfall is showing up in our WebPageTest UI, but when we look at the .har file by clicking on the Export HTTP Archive (.har) link it shows a blank .har file. Do you have any idea why this would be happening?



Depending on what release you are running or when you grabbed the code it may need an update. I know there were a few issues with the HAR code around a month ago (export.php and har.inc.php).

If an update doesn’t fix it you can add a debug=1 query param to the HAR url and check the web server error log to see if it logs anything.


So just to verify we should have a URL that looks something like this?


Also, what logs are you speaking of? Apache? WebpageTest? Typical path for these?

Thanks in advance!