export to har file

Is there anyway to export to har file from the command line

I tried the following /sbin/php export.php?test=100907_Y test2.har but it didn’t create a valid har file :frowning:

Any ideas?

try redirecting the output instead? /sbin/php export.php?test=100907_Y > test2.har

Even then I’m not sure if any of the headers will cause a problem and end up in the output. Any particular reason you don’t want to go through the web interface (with curl or something like that) to generate the file instead?

Your right headers cause a problem :frowning: . I can fix it with a script :smiley:

The reason I wanted to do this was to archive the tests and grep the load time in the har file and get an average per hour to plot to a line graph(rrd file). Based on the results I want to have an email sent to myself if the values exceed a threshold (5 sec).

Is there anyway to do this with the files that are created in the results folder. I don’t know were to start looking:(.

If I have several test boxes>
-Montreal Canada
-Malaga Spain
-London UK

How can I tell (from the command line or back end) where each test came from?(in the results folder)

Look at the _IEWPG.txt files. They are tab-delimited files with the high-level results for each test. The location information is stored in testinfo.ini

FWIW, there will be a project released as open source shortly that bolts a monitoring system on top of the API’s (built by someone with a similar problem to solve as you have).