Har to results folder

I see that there is a php file that allows you to export result information to a har file. Is there any way I can do the opposite. Take a har file created from wpt and return the original files used to display the results. thanks

Not yet but HAR import is on our to-do list (maybe a month or two out).

Awesome, what will be the extent of that update. For example will I able to an exported har file from my internal instance, place into the external and it will be able to render my performance details the same as it does for its own results? summery, details, content breakdown tabs, etc?

FWIW, you can already do that with the “publish to” option (you can publish from a private instance to the public webpagetest.org for sharing).

You would mostly be able to do that with the HAR input as well but the screen shots and video will probably not survive the round trip.

Can We do HAR import to WPT now?

If Yes, Can you guide me to any documentation