Help needed, advice on TFB errors

We ran the test after a recent load of SSL/TSL for our legacy website. Running Server 2008r2 on an older machine, first rodeo with SSL.

We have one CDN with a small representation of our overall site files. Our CA is Comodo and everything looks to be good with settings. Some new features will have to be dealt with by upgrade to Server2016 and new server base.

Wormly and this site show severe issues that we cannot pin down, as newbies.

Link to Webpagetest:

my guess is it’s the win 2008 implementation. Your config looks fine to the outside world.

You can use to check.

Thanks, after a lot of reading and checking local setup, pretty much agreed with your assessment. Features available in Sever 2016 bring IIS closer to unix flavors that support suggested settings.

Even checking pure static pages yielded same results. New software ordered today!:cool:

Come over to the Dark Side, Ted :slight_smile:

Clarify what you mean by “severe issues that we cannot pin down”.

Your site serves faster than most.

If your site produces actual TTFB errors (all 3 runs you shared ran successful, no errors) then likely the problem is with Windoze (shudder) or your runtime environment, if you’re running in some sort of VM.