Help optimize gtmetrix score

So I’ve come a long way. Just a few months ago I had hundreds of Google Search Console errors and a terrible gtmetrix score of like 17 or 23.

I’ve worked long and hard to learn and clear these errors out to help improve my SEO, as it was getting clobbered because of the GSC errors & low GT score.

I’m currently using Wordpress on a VPN and everything is all up to date.

I am also using Apex’s X Theme Pro for my theme and seem to be pretty happy with it overall, - as long as I can clear the rest of these theme related errors out.

Recently I found out about WPMU DEV’s Smush Pro & Hummingbird Pro plugins to help optimize images, CSS & java etc.

I’ve only recently really figured out how to utilize them and optimize my site as best as I can. Their support team has been a tremendous help.

My gtmetrix score is now up to 96% with a YSlow score of 76%!

No doubt the PageSpeed score is finally a really great score, but I know it can be improved and optimized even more. And after the hell I’ve gone through the last 2 years of getting crappy Google SEO results, I really want to push everything as close to 100% optimized as I can.

So after digging deep with the WPMU DEV support, we’ve come to the conclusion on the last few issues that need to be ironed out:

  1. There are a bunch of Google font api errors that are external files and can’t be optimized by hummingbird - If I find out which plugin is loading the css then I can download the css and use the downloaded file instead of direct link and then use minify option

Now I’m using a few plugins that are using something google such as a Youtube, Analytics & Maps.

I’m going to assume most of the errors are related to the Maps.

So how and where can I find and download these Google Fonts (and upload them to where exactly) so I can clear these errors from the test?

  1. Leverage Browser Caching

These are the 3 errors that are coming up and hitting the score: (3 minutes 58 seconds) (30 minutes)

I’m going to assume the Chimptastic is from the Pop-up Modal I’m using to collect emails directly to my Mailchimp account I have linked.

The Maps is related to the W2DC Directory plugin that I’m using to list my Doctors & Dispensaries.

Google Analytics obviously.

Is there anything I can do to these files so they’re not hurting the website speed?

I assume the Pop-Up Modal & Analytics need to stay in the Header and therefore affect the page speed, but is there anything else I can do to them to increase the speed?

I’m going to speak to the developer of the W2DC Directory plugin to see if he has any suggestions on how to Defer the Google Maps error that’s coming up.

Google Maps is only need on 2 main pages, so I don’t want this to blanket the entire website and slow the speed.

Any help, guidance and insight to help clear any of these errors up, is GREATLY appreciated!!


Lots of views, does anyone have any insight or suggestions on anything that can help me clear up these last few errors?


I’m also to the point where I think I’m in over my head and may need to hire a developer to help fully optimize my site 100%. There’s just a lot of things I’m struggling with even understanding. I just checked the Google Page Speed and the score is way worse than gtmetrix! 25 on mobiel & 50’s on desktop - this isn’t acceptable either!

I thought I was getting close when I had high scores on gtmetrix. Now I see there’s a lot more that’s still not optimized.

I am interested in hiring someone if need be, which seems to be the case. So if anyone is reasonably priced and experienced enough to help complete my project, please PM me.

Thank you!

I have been experiencing the same gtmetrix issues with my site Trendstorys, but these all issues disappeared like a charm when I installed the Wprocket plugin with appropriate settings which you can find on Youtube.

You don’t need any of other plugins for cache, image optimization etc, as wp rocket covers everything.
My site load time went from 12 seconds to 3-4 seconds with minimum page size. Moreover, try using a paid CDN such as bunny but if you don’t have enough money to pay like me, you can use the free Cloudflare CDN. It performs super good but yes, sometimes there is a need for a paid version :slight_smile:

Any help required if, feel free to ask me in comments. I’ll surely help you out.

Ok that plugin seems pretty reasonable at $50 a year.

Would I run this plugin in addition to Hummingbird Pro & Smush Pro?

Or would I disable/remove HB & Smush to just run this plugin?

I will say I’ve come quite a long way and have learned a lot on using Hummingbird Pro and have really increased my websites speed & optimization with it, so I would really like to keep it active and in my toolbox if possible.

I currently have a paid CDN through WPMU DEV for images, but I think it would also be a good idea to sign-up for the Cloudfare CDN wouldn’t it?

It’s more of a blanket CDN for the entire site vs just for images like the WPMU DEV CDN is?



I replied to you twice, but the admin did not approve it, maybe I can help you.

Page speed optimization is important, try to use the minimum and necessary plugin only. The latest WordPress update now comes with lazyload, which means you don’t need any plugin for the same. You may also use .htaccess file to optimize the images and CSS. If that also not help then consider hiring webmaster to optimize your website. hiring webmaster to optimize your website.

Well I’m using a combination of Lazy Load within Hummingbird Pro by WPMU Dev and it’s bringing me other significantly enhanced speed and loading benefits.

Is the new Wordpress LL feature really worth checking out?

Even though it does LL, it’s still not going to optimize my website like Hummingbird Pro does I don’t think.

Would it be possible to run them both?

Also, I sent you a PM on here and I believe and email through your website.

Thanks for the help.

I improved my website in gtmetrix. but I have issue by google page speed. who can help

@JohnnyScience I sent you a PM

@nikmedco There is also a forum dedicated to people that need help, you might be more likely to get responses if you started a thread there.