Help with different test results

Hi there,

I am testing my site for some time now and webpagetest is helping me a lot with improving the overall performance of the site. But here’s the problem:
My site is made in joomla 1.5 and when I clear the cache I get an B on “compress text” and “combining JS/CSS Files”!
but then I re-run the test and get F on “compress text” and F in “combining JS/CSS Files”! I’m using the dallas location and ie8 for testing.
My site it’s on Hosting24 servers that also disabled the Keep-alive on Apache core.

What can I do to fix this?
Thanks for your time

Can you use a CDN in front of your hosting provider (CloudFlare is free and there are good low-cost solutions as well)? That way the persistent connections (and gzip compression) will be handled by the CDN for you.

Thanks for your reply. I have re-tested my website since and now is working fine, I always get a B on “compress text” and “combining JS/CSS Files”. I don’t have enough knowledge to use Cloudfare in a safe way, so I will study that a little bit longer. I will probably change host since hosting24 disabled Keep-alive in all of their servers, even in the gold accounts.
Thank you for your help. :slight_smile: