high load time of https Elements in 2.8

Hy all,

since i upgrade my server and agent to 2.8 measurements seems to have a problem in loading htttps elements.
a long load time (up to 40 seconds) of https elements are affecting for sure the loadtime.

maybe this has to do something with the 2.8 Agent release notes

  • Fixed clearing of the OS certificate caches (OCSP and CRL)

however this problem occurs only on IE9.
I assume that the official locations are already upgraded to 2.8.
I can´t readjust this problem f.e. in Dulles, VA USA measuring with IE9.
So where is my fault ?


Hi all,

i´m still investigating why the SSL Negotiation on https elements takes so much time.
The problem limited on WPT Version 2.8 with IE9. Chrome and Firefox establish an Https Connection without these initialisation problems.

i would be pleased, if somebody have an idea to this issue.

More likely than not it is because we added support for clearing the OCSP and CRL caches. IE9 was originally getting an artificial benefit because we were not clearing them. You might see some requests during the SSL negotiation that will let you see what is going on (not sure they all actually display in the waterfall - a tcpdump will let you see for sure).

The real-world case is probably somewhere between where it used to be and where it is now but hiding the cost of certificate revocation checking wasn’t accurate either.


i want to give a brief update to my issue.
We just make a wireshark tcpdump and found also a 10 seconds delay between https ack and first tcp data flow.
We found some NBNS Protocolls (Name query NB WPAD) and found some advice…

After disabling “Automatically detect settings” in Internet Explorer on the WPT - Agent the SSL connection works as it should be