shorter Loadtime on version 2.10


i upgrade my private Instance from 2.8 to 2.10 for testing.
I noticed overall a faster loading of the sides i´ve tested.
The loadtime is aprox. 1 second faster.
i´ve tested it with IE9 on a win 7 32 bit installed on a vmware, cable profile

Does it comes from a new dummynet driver, or what might be the reason ?
remarkable is a network utilization, which clips often a the limit of 5 mbps.

best regards

Are you testing a SSL site? I’m not sure the exact versions where changes went either way but in a recent version we made clearing of the SSL certificate cache optional (it used to not clear at all and then for a few versions it would clear and then we made it optional with a default to not clear).

If the SSL Certs get cleared then IE will do OCSP checks for every certificate in the chain (including any intermediate certificates). The real world first view is somewhere in between but intermediate certs are usually always in the cache so I felt that it was putting too much emphasis on the SSL cert time.

hi pat,

thanks for your answer. the reason was quite simple.
i´ve disregard the following point of the installation instructions.

10.Install the DUMMYNET ipfw driver
■If you are installing on 64-bit Windows, right-click on “testmode.cmd” in the c:\webpagetest\dummynet\64bit folder and select “Run as Administrator”. If you do not run this then traffic shaping will not work after a reboot
■Copy the files from either the webpagetest\dummynet\32bit or webpagetest\dummynet\64bit directory into the webpagetest\dummynet directory (depending on your OS)

now the timings looks more realistic.
thanks anyway.