Host comparison

if I have 2 websites running on 2 different hosts…
which number shows me which host is faster with all websites?

first view?
first byte?
or which other number?

If you just want to compare the back-end hosting performance then the first byte time will tell you that. If you want to compare the full page serving then the first view document complete time is generally the reference number to use.



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Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

It seems I should make a kind of longtime test (like 10 times every day for a week), because I always got different results.
First view load time varies from 2.9 to 7, first byte time from A to F.

Probably I have to change the host, but how should I find out before how fast they are if the differences are so big with one host?

I have a feeling this kind of waterfall is only be used for to look into single pages and compare the different files’ weight. Speed probably always depend on to many different factors.

Hoping I’m wrong. …and perhaps I can find out more precisely about the speed of hosts, websites, and files. Still a weight waterfall of files is also good info.

That much variability is usually a combination of hosting provider and application. For a back-end performance issue like that your best bet is to use something like New Relic or Dynatrace which will tell you where the code is behaving poorly. You can also use a very basic monitoring service that tests JUST the base page (like pingdom) to see how it varies over time (they will test it every couple of minutes).

Assuming you are on shared hosting, I’d reach out to the hosting provider and let them know that the performance is varying wildly. It sounds like they have over-subscribed the system too much and it is falling over.

Thanks for the hints. :slight_smile:

hmm… looks like that…
What steps would you recommend concerning to find the best (fastest) host?
I can find so many tests (most of them are affiliate links) but they are never about speed.
…and if I try to find deeper info like speed by country or speed by the host’s package… no chance.

So what steps?

Short of doing a trial with your app on a couple of them there aren’t any good comparisons out there. It might still be something that can be solved on your current provider (could be a database query that needs tuning or an issue they can address on their side).

With all of the cheap hosting providers it’s going to be a crap-shoot and it will depend on which server you end up on and what other sites are on the same server. If you are willing to do more of the systems admin, EC2 micro instances work well and give you a lot more control (but you have a lot more work to do). Otherwise you can also move up to more expensive hosting providers that focus on specific platforms (WP Engine for wordpress for example).

thx for your good recommendations :slight_smile:

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Since you have posted into this thread, have you had any luck with a host that performs well? I’m not looking for a low cost host-- I’m looking for one with a speedy first-byte response and good uptime.

All the best,


@dewolfe001, what is your serving platform?

Are you using an off-the-shelf CMS (Wordpress, drupal, joomla, etc) or custom code (php, java, ruby)?