How can FID be so high? On page with NO external JS

I have done a lot of work to make my site pass the Core Web Vitals test. On desktop, all pages easily pass everything. On mobile, all pages pass the CLS and LCP tests. But on mobile, the home page still does not pass FID (First Input Delay).

The EasyDigging(dot)com home page SHOULD be passing mobile FID.

  • It has ZERO external JS. (we even removed Google Analytics)
  • It has minimal CSS.
  • It has lazy-loaded images.

But both Google Search Console and PageSpeed Insights says it has an FID of 227ms on mobile (on desktop, FID is only 3ms)

Here is the link to PageSpeed Insights report for the home page:

Here is the link to the report (Dulles, VA - Moto G6 - Chrome – 3GFast)

Please take a look at the reports and tell me your ideas on how to fix the mobile FID.



One difference I just noticed is that the home page does have some “Organizational Schema” at the very bottom, in an inline script with type=“application/ld+json” Could that cause a FID problem?

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How long ago did you make the changes to remove JavaScript from the website? The score you can see in PageSpeed Insights and Google Search Console come from the Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX). That score is the 75th percentile of the past 28 days. So if you launched those changes in the past in the last 4 weeks, you’ll have to wait a bit longer to see it reflected in that dataset.


The changes were all made on 4/12, so it has not been a full 28 days yet.

But ALL the other pages flipped from bad to good in about a week and a half.

All except the home page…

Any other thoughts?

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The homepage probably has more traffic than other pages and since it is the p75 for the whole 28 days, it probably takes longer for it to reflect. If you had more visits before April 12th, this will also impact the rate at which p75 is decreasing.

I’d recommend monitoring the FID score of the homepage daily to see if it’s going down or not.

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