How to Achieve 100/100 with the Google Page Speed Test Tool


WebPageTest doesn’t show proper details for improving the speed.

Keyword - CMMS Software
Rank on Google SERP - 8

Google page speed:
Mobile - 23
Desktop - 58

URL - Leading CMMS Software | Hippo CMMS

Also I have attached screenshots.

Can someone help us in improving the speed for SEO?

Thanks in advance.

Here is what you need to work on:
And you can click around in the results and it will tell you what you can do to improve.

Focus on the high priority items.
Move stuff off of external sites and make it load locally as much as you can.
Any resources concerning external content, you can’t do anything about, like redirects, caching or being compressed & what not.
And finally again, have as little external content as you possibly can to load your site fast.

Google Pagespeed gives you performance best practice suggestions - keep in mind they may not be the best for your site. Take their advice and implement, and be sure to check the impact of each.

More details: Why Page Speed Scores can be Dangerous - Speedy.Site Wordpress Speed Optimization Service Guaranteed

100 is hard to achieve without sacrificing other areas like ease of maintenance. You would have to download all JS files and host them locally, which is difficult to maintain when the external JS changes.

100 is probably unnecessary. Our view is that PageSpeed Insights scores are very much relative. If you have better scores than your competitors then you have a greater chance of ranking higher(when everything else is equal). Aim to score better than your competitors instead of over optimizing for an artificially high score.

A nice middle ground is 90. You can see how to achieve that here: How To Score 90+ On PageSpeed Insights

I am also having trouble optimizing the speed. Site on phones is 5/100 and desktop is 44/100. My site has quite a lot of images, running on wordpress platform, looking forward to improving this index. Can someone help me?