What is the best speed range for website pages?

I’ve been working for many website at this time and most of these website are commonly using some graphics pictures. Now as I tested the speed of there website pages most of their speed ranges to 74-85. These website can be easily be access when you’re connection to the internet is up to 1mb.

But my question at this time is that what is the best speed range for a certain web page of a website?

Hoping for your best answer and additional insights… Thanks

by the way I’ve created some post in my website regarding how do I test my website pages. Here is the link http://www.eyewebmaster.com/blog/speed-up-your-website/

I’m not sure I understand the question(s).

For starters, I assume you mean the “Page Speed Score” for the sites is in the 74-85 range. That may or may not say anything about the speed of the site itself and has nothing to do with the bandwidth used for visiting a site. It is just validating a bunch of best practices but it’s still possible to have a very slow site that scores 100 or a fast site that scores lower.

The best thing to do is to measure the actual performance your users see (using the Google Analytics performance tracking, webmaster tools performance information or your own tracking), test pages using an online tool that loads the page in a real browser at reasonable bandwidth settings (like WebPagetest but there are other tools available as well). and then look for opportunities to improve the performance.

we do not release site with a score lower than 90 if a client pays for optimizaiton

Our Projects have minmal Pagespeed 95 and this with warranty and a real speed with rendering less < 1 second.
High pagespeed did not guarantee the best performance.

See a test - pagespeed 100 and verly slow:

Thanks for the response. As I can see other website that needs speed improvement especially if they use Wordpress CMS. It get more complicated to analyzed certain scripts and css especially for plugins. I believe that using your tool can help us find certain ways to improve website speed accessibility and performances.

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