How to 'combine css/js' files using a CDN


I keep getting the message:

“Combine static CSS and JS files”

How should/can I do this when all my css and js files are on a remote CDN?

I assume the CDN is just serving whatever you bundled up as part of the site and either uploaded or have it configured to pull from your server, right? If you’re talking about 3rd-party content then it’s a different story.

For example, if you are serving mycode1.js and mycode2.js, you can create a new file - mycode1.2.js which is literally just a concatenation of the other 2 files and reference that one in your html instead of the 2 different files individually.

Thanks for the fast response jmeenan!

Ok, I’ll give it a shot and see if it knocks out my final nit-picking issue.