How to compress js and css using CDN

I wonder if anyone can give me some tips on compressing
.js and .css using free CDN
Tried tweaking the .htaccess, both in root and in specific
script and image folders, but no luck. YSlow kept reporting
the .js and .css uncompress.

Anton Permadi - [url=][/url]

Before you go too far down that path, what are you trying to achieve using the Coral cache?

The reason I ask is that I’m pretty sure they are designed to offload your host and survive massive traffic surges but not for end-user performance (they do not localize to a node based on the user’s location). If you are planning on using them for performance reasons you will usually be better off not.

I live in Indonesia <== unreliable web infrastructure. The web server is in Houston, TX. I thought the CDN would help people reach my site? I know I could just put the web through IIX, but again, look at my first line of reply.

Anyway, I just signed in the CloudFare. I haven’t checked it completely if it is some sort of CDN, but it asked me to change my domain name servers and etc etc. and BOOOM…, it displayed my website in seconds, as if I’m accessing the website through IIX.

CloudFare is better than Coral CDN?
IIX = Indonesia Internet Exchange

Anton Permadi

Yes, from what I can tell by reading the limited information they have available it looks like they do map users to the closest edge node and do it for performance reasons so I fully expect they will perform better than Coral.

I have tried Cloudflare and it is working great other than the requirement for changing our nameserver to their nameserver which is very unsecured.

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