Optimization Checklist

(thread migrated from sourceforge forum - originally posted 12/16/2008)

The Optimization Checklist report my test generated notes that delivery could be optimized with a CDN and compression (minify?). My content is being delivered by a CDN and it is compressed. Why does the report suggests otherwise?


It’s possible that the CDN you are using isn’t one we have coded for - if you have a sample page I can take a look and see about adding it. We know how to spot Akamai, Limelight, Edgecast, Highwinds, Panther, Mirror Image and Coral Cache. If you’re using a different CDN I’ll need to take a look and get it added to the code.

On the compression side, Minify is different from compression (and less important). It is essentially removing all of the comments and whitespace from the code before it gets compressed and can yield a little additional savings. Pagetest uses jsmin to check for minification.

It is Mirror Image. How do you determine if a CDN is delivering the content? The domain? Can I provide you with a list of Mirror Image domains.

Do you have the url for the test results for the test you ran (or the url you tested)? You can mail it to me at patmeenan@aol.com and I can take a look. Usually with a CDN you set up a CNAME pointing to one of their names and that is what I check (the underlying name). That way we can usually detect an entire CDN and not have to code for every site.

I have the same issues with http://www.steepandcheap.com. We use the Yahoo! combo handler to minimize and combine JS, as well as acting as a CDN.

It looks like it is correctly recognizing your mirrorimage use as a CDN but not the YUI components: http://www.webpagetest.org/result/ZK7/1/performance_optimization/

I’ll push a change later this afternoon that adds Yahoo’s distributed servers to the CDN list.