How to customize webpagetest?

WPT is a very useful tool, but now I have a customized need, just want to let WPT help me to record the screen, and identify the first screen to load the completion time (because this is more accurate response to the user to load the first screen Time feeling), the other does not need (such as Waterfall and so on, because it will make the first screen load time longer a little bit, and the user real feelings of the first screen time is not the same), thank you.

Hmm, I think pmeenan should have an answer for this. He’s the moderator.

What do you mean by “identify the first screen to load the completion time”? Are you talking about the start render time (first time anything is displayed)?

There is an API so if you just want a different presentation you best bet is to just build your own UI and use the API:

If you want to fundamentally change how measurement is done then that’s a MUCH bigger task and I seriously doubt you want to put the time in on it.