What should my approach be ?

Hello guys, i am performance testing a web application. I’m using JMeter for generating the load and measuring the back-end responsiveness of the site and WPT private instance for the front-end. I’m in the following situation:
I have multiple scenarios which i need to measure but WPT can measure fully load of just one page and if we do it page by page it would take really long period of time in order to test all the pages which we need with WPT.
I found a way by downloading the Raw page data and examining it in csv format because it gives the fully loaded page after each navigation but its really hard doing this because its not so user friendly (is this anyway the fully optimized approach?). Anyone has any ideas on where i could optimize my approach, any advice will be highly appreciated!


You can use WebPageTest Bulk Tester(https://github.com/andydavies/WPT-Bulk-Tester) by Andy Davis.

This will help you to automate your tests using Google Docs.

WebPageTest also has an API - https://sites.google.com/a/webpagetest.org/docs/advanced-features/webpagetest-restful-apis - that can be used to submit tests and get results back.

Thanks for the answer guys! I think i will stick with the REST API because JMeter supports that kind of testing. Again thanks a lot, cheers !