How to get graphical chart/response time from API based over a period of time


I would really appreciate your help in a query I have regarding the restful api provided for webpagetest. So i see i can get the response time from the api. But later after we do another release. We want to again run the webpagetest on the url and compare the response time of the current and the previous. Does this api return us this kind of information? Is there an id that we can use each time to pass so that we get the graph showing the difference between previous and now response time.

Really appreciate your help.


Are you using the public site or do you have your own private instance?

Etsy’s wpt-script ( will work in either case but you’ll need a Graphite installation to store the data.

Other option is if you’ve got a private instance ns to enable the logging in settings.ini, and pull the logs into Splunk or ELK - you’ll still need a way to trigger the tests, even if it’s just a cron job runing curl