how to improve the load time?

Hi Members,

We have been trying to improve the loads time of one our websites for quite some time:

this is a wordpress website, with w3 total cache(with APC), and cloudfront as the CDN for the static info, and brightcove as the streaming CDN.

We are out of new ideas on how to improve the load time, and would love to get some input …

thanks in advance!

2 seconds is a pretty good load time - if you are going to want to get significantly faster you’re going to have to do some pretty big structural changes:

1 - Either move the javascript to the end of the page or load it asynchronously. This may be hard to pull off within wordpress but W3TC will help you move it around automatically (and combine/cache-extend them). You just have to watch out for any inline scripts.

2 - Your CSS is small enough that you might benefit from inlining it (don’t think W3TC can help with this).

3 - Switch video players. 500KB for the brightcove flash video player is huge and dominates the bytes served.