How to improve the web page Fully Loaded?

Hello all!

I use CloudFlare with MaxCDN. When I’m testing my blog post page loading time, it shows Document Complete less than 3 seconds, but Fully Loaded takes more than 10 seconds.

After I enabled CloudFlare Rocket loader, automatic mode, I can maintain the Document Complete less than 3 second level (without rocket loader, it took 5-8 seconds), but I have no idea how to reduce the Fully Loaded time.

Now I have implemented following things, but no much considerable progress.

[] Lazy load images with JQuery.
] Asynchronously load Java scripts with CloudFlare rocket loader
[] Combined, minify and async JS using W3 total plugin.
] Combined and minify CSS.
[] enabled Apache deflate for Gzip
] Minify HTML
[] Move JS to footer
] Installed Nginx front end and Apache backend in my VPS.
[] Load Disqus on demand.
] W3 total disk enhanced page cache, database cache and browser cache (these things already used)

But I can’t see much success. How do I correct his issue.

This is my test result:-

Any help really appreciate.

Get rid of your ads and social media widgets. Seriously, I wouldn’t worry too much about optimizing for the fully loaded time, focus on the filmstrip view and make sure the visible content you care about is loading quickly. Most of the delay to get to fully loaded is twitter, Google+, random other social media stuff and a bunch of ad and ad tracking calls.

Of all of that, you probably want to see if there is something you can do to get your above-the-fold ads to load sooner. If it’s adsense then make sure the ad call isn’t being delayed by rocket loader.

Performance aside, your page is effectively loading five blocks of Adsense ads, two above the limit. Make sure your use of this “Luminate” service in combination with the other ads on the page does not breach the Google Adsense terms of service.

I have smth to say here

1 - I see lots of HTTPs connections for your 3d plugins - get rid of https → http
2 - Prefetch all DNS for your 3dparties in head

I bet it will cut off a second or two)

2.3 megabytes. 147 requests. You expect speed, loading that much on a browser? It is equivalent to a two minute music file in mp3 format.

Show me a fat page and I’ll show you a slow page.