How to know if urlblast is alive?

hi Pat

I’ve tested and setup the urlblast agent in a few remote DCs, but sometimes due to whatever reasons (human or otherwise), the urlblast doesn’t respond cos some idiot shut it down or whatever.

Just wondering if there’s a way to remotely test if the urlblast agent is alive and responding?


There are 2 ways that I can think of:

1 - URLBlast can write an “alive” file out to a given location every minute (location needs to be mountable/reachable by windows).

2 - I can modify getwork.php to keep track of the last time each individual test machine requested work and make the stats available through another url (and potentially set something up so you can cron a check that would send email if a dialer is more than X minutes behind).

#2 is something I’ve been looking at for the public instance for the same reason.



hi Pat,
Yes #2 would be great. I was poking around my install and realize I could check my apache logs for requests for getwork.php. If a certain interval has passed and no requests come in, start alerting!