URL Blast problems

Hi Patrick,

Having some issues with my test agents. I’m RDPing in for setup on XP 32bit machines. Whenever I run URLblast, it hangs saying “Clearing caches…”. When I check my apache logs, URLblast has never tried to connect to my webserver. I added debug=1 to the urlBlast.ini but I don’t get any log files. Any suggestions?


Are you running urlblast as an admin user (and also with permissions to write to the directory where the log file is configured for in urlblast.ini)?

Yes. Same user that created the directory for the files and installed the dummynet drivers.

Tracked it down to the user1, user2, user3 accounts were not created. Probably because they didn’t match the password complexity rules for the system. [hr]

Everything’s working correctly now. I must have edited some setting to try and debug what the webserver was doing but reinstalling all content I have all pieces working correctly. Thanks so much for this tool Patrick.