Test started but not finished

hi Pat

I’ve setup a new instance of 1.9 and facing an issue where the urlblast.exe will open pagetest.exe, grab the website, but doesn’t return the result back to wpt website.

what i see on the website is “Test started” but it never finishes.

Over at the urlblast.exe it says “Completed …”

When i look inside the results folder, only “testinfo.ini” and “url.txt” is created in all my test instances, so urlblast.exe does reach my linux server where the website is on.

just wondering why it’s not writing the completed results. any idea?


Can you try adding “debug=1” to the urlblast.ini config and send me the log file? You might also try to make “user1” an administrator to see if there is a permissions problem moving some of the results files around )(what os are you on?).



Hi Pat

I managed to solve the problem. I’m not sure if it’s bug in urlblast or just my poor skill in configuring apache.

The problem only occured when I set the “Url Files Url” parameter with a url that contains a port number in urlblast.ini.

e.g. inside urlblast.ini

Url Blast Url=http://mysite:8001/work

It started to work fine when I used a URL without the port number.

Anyway, just for your info

Sorry, yes - that’s’ a known bug that I still need to fix: http://dev.webpagetest.org/pagetest/ticket/34 (for some reason it didn’t jump to mind :().