No test done on client

I installed a private WebTestServer 2.5 on a server PC in a Network A .Second i installed a test client PC (dummy driver, urlBlast etc) with Windows XP in Network B - and under an admin account. This combination works as expected : creating a test with the webgui → IE is called with the wished url → results stored on the WebTestServer .
Then I wanted to add a second PC connecet via DSL and with a known IP address - no Firewall etc. I installed the Dummy driver as admin - but i run urlBlast as a normal user without admin rights from another account on the PC. The urlBlast log shows that a request goes to the WebTestServer (i see it in the urlBlast logs and server logs too). A job sheduled is consumed but nothing happens.

For verification I call the url that goes to the webpagetest server from a browser (i copied the url from the urlBlast log and added the port). Here I get a response for the same call and a sheduled job.

Here my question:
Is it possible to run the urlBlast client with the installed dummy driver as a normal user - without admin rights ? I do not want to expose a PC with an open admin account to the internet.
Is there a solutution ?
Thank you and best regards

What does your urlblast.ini look like? If you include “use current account=1” it SHOULD work but there may be an edge case somewhere I need to look at.

FWIW, you can firewall the crap out of the machine also if it would help. There should never be inbound connections to the test machine, all connections are established from the test machine out (it polls the server for work). It doesn’t need a static IP and can be behind a NAT.