Private instance without logged-in Admin

Due to security policies I can’t leave an Admin user logged-in. Is it possible to setup and run a private instance of WebPageTest without having an Admin user always logged in?

I would expect that it would be missing the video capture, but would it still work with a decreased feature set and provide some manner of results?

Could you use a local machine admin, rather than a domain one?

No, unfortunately our security policy prohibits any unattended sessions.

If I use WebDriver in some basic NUnit tests, is it possible to pass the output/logs to WebPageTest to essentially just format/display the results?

That would be a question for Pat as I don’t know the answer.

Could you use the Amazon AMIs as an alternative - they wouldn’t be in you premises so less of a security issue?

If you can capture a dev tools remote debug stream from your tests then WebPagetest can take that as input (requires Chrome, Safari or the new Opera for the most part).

Can you get permission to have a running session but locked? That would get you everything except for the screen shots. You may also be able to do non-administrator if you disable dummynet and specify a connectivity= in locations.ini. I think that is the only thing at this point that requires admin permissions.

oh, and if you still want to traffic shape, you could run the traffic through an external BSD or Linux box that has dummynet configured to whatever profile you want to use (though it would be fixed).