Is admin auto-logon absolutely necessary for test agents

We are in the process of setting up an internal WPT infrastructure. Our security team has balked at having local administrator accounts auto login on the windows test agent machines.

I was wondering if there is any way to not have the test agents auto-login, or to only login on demand? If this is not an option, can the auto-login account not be an administrator?

We are using Windows Server 2012 for the Test Agents on VMWare.



The agents need a visible desktop to be able to capture screen shots and video which is why they need to be logged in. One technique that works is to have one account create a RDP session to localhost and run the testing inside of the RDP session. That way you can leave the main desktop locked.

As far as admin goes, it MIGHT be possible to run as non-admin if you don’t test IE and don’t use the traffic-shaping. Both of those require admin rights (IE for clearing the various caches and dummynet for talking to the driver).