Trying to spin up AMI test agent

I am new to Amazon AWS, but after the velocity conf i’m trying to create a private WPT site. I have set up the WPT software on my own service, but I would like to use the pre-cooked AMI’s for the test machines.

I have tried to spin up 2 separate web page test AMI’s, however, i cannot connect to them as I cannot retrieve the windows admin password. They spun up successfully and i can connect to the via RDP.


I’m not sure how amazon works (is the admin password auto generated or recorded into the AMI, and that’s why it won’t let me view it). I have spun up several instances and waited up to 2 hours and still can’t get the windows password.

Got any pointers?

The admin password is baked into the images and is “2dialit”. That said, you shouldn’t need to actually connect to the AMI for anything. You provide all of the configuration data through the user data when you start up an instance (server name and location information). The test agent picks up the configuration information automatically and should just start working (you do need to make sure that your server is reachable from the test agents since they poll it for work).



Thanks for the quick answer. So, this is my configuration, and i have my webpagetest www code running on port 8889. This should work right? wpt_location=Test-Agent-1

It “should” work but I can’t remember if the agents on the AMI have all of the bug fixes to work on non-port 80 (they auto update when they first connect to your server but they need to be able to get there first to connect). Do you see anything in your server access logs?

Thanks again for your quick replies and your help. I can’t wait to get this working!

I was surprised to see that the test agent is actually polling the my site, but wasn’t actually listed in the drop down on the page…

Web logs from my server

[quote] - - [22/Jun/2011:20:32:34 -0700] “GET /work/getwork.php?video=1&location=Test-Agent-1&key=&ec2=i-d0beae94&ver=246 HTTP/1.1” 200 379 - - [22/Jun/2011:20:32:41 -0700] “GET /work/getwork.php?video=1&location=Test-Agent-1&key=&ec2=i-d0beae94&ver=246 HTTP/1.1” 200 379

AMI User Data:

So i guess I assumed that the “location” would automatically register itself with the site and just show up in the drop down. Ooops. Looking at the documentation further, I figured I need to set up the locations.ini, but not sure what to put in there, so I’ve put this below:



browser=IE 7

Now i get a location in the drop down (awesome). I submitted a test, but my test agent doesn’t seem to pick it up. I don’t know what’s up.

Log file from /www/logs/ directory

[quote]2011-06-23 3:26:57 0 0 110623_XV_1 Test-Agent-1 - custom 0 0
2011-06-23 3:31:16 0 0 110623_79_2 Test-Agent-1 - custom 0 0


[quote]Test ID=110623_XV_1

This should do what you want:



browser=IE 7
label="Virginia - IE 7"

Just update the labels to match whatever region you use for EC2 (it’s just a label for the users, not functional).

Thank you! Got it working now!