Private Instance with EC2

I’ve setup an ubuntu server to run wpt and would like to use one of the ec2 ami’s for my test agent.

I’m not sure how I implement the parameters below. Where do they go? Can I pass them as a query string? How does the ubuntu server know the IP address of the ec2 ami? I looked through the documentation the only thing I was able to find is copied below. I guess I’m just not sure how to implement the remote ec2 test server…?..?



wpt_server - the web server where WebPagetest is running (required)
wpt_location - The location name to use (optional - if not specified it will be built from the region and browser - ec2-us-east-IE8 for example)
wpt_key - secret key for the specified location (optional)
wpt_threads - number of simultaneous browsers to run (optional, defaults to 1 - multiple threads does not work with traffic shaping)
wpt_timeout - timeout setting for each test in seconds (optional, defaults to 60)
wpt_reboot_interval - reboot every X minutes (optional, defaults to 720)
wpt_defrag_interval - defrag the hard drive every X days (optional, defaults to disabled - 0)
wpt_browser - Web Browser to use (optional, defaults to pagetest.exe - set to blank to use IE)
Example User Data string wpt_location=EC2_Dulles_IE8 wpt_key=mysecretkey [/quote]

Thank you very much for your help. I’m really looking forward to using this tool.

They are passed as the “user data” when you launch the instances on EC2 (either through the API or if you use the UI there is a text box that you paste it into). They are used to pass configuration information to the test agent without having to edit anything on the instance itself.

The ubuntu server doesn’t need to know the agent IP address. The test agents connect outward to the server and poll the server for work (and post results to the server). This DOES mean that the server needs to be reachable from the Internet for them to connect to it though (I’m planning on working on a relay which will eliminate that need).