testing a website on localhost using webpagetest

Hello All,

I am a newbie and trying to test a website that is currently not hosted in a server. All the code for the website resides in my machine currently and I am running the website locally.

Guru G

It’s going to be very difficult to performance test a site running on your local machine. You can run a private WebPagetest instance on your machine but the traffic shaping doesn’t work going to localhost so to do it well you need to have at least 2 machines (or one in a VM).

Hi there,
I have the same question…
I am developing applications in DotNetNuke and I need to test the performance prior to send the modules out in the open.
Please, can somebody tell me how I should set up a WebPageTest environment to test my websites before set them free in the open?
I have two laptops on wich I installed WebPageTest, both linked in my private LAN at home and one of the laptops is my development machine on wich I have installed a local webserver (IIS), Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and the DotNetNuke website itself. The other one is supposed to test the website in order to see if there are any probably shortcomings that I have to fix first…
Thanks in advance.

The setup that you have sounds fine. “The other one” is where the tests would run from and would test the software on your development machine. You just need to make sure that the IIS instance on your dev machine is reachable over the LAN and that it isn’t blocked by any firewall rules.

You don’t need any of the WPT software on the dev machine unless you want to split it up and run the web UI on the dev machine and only have the other machine do the testing.