Fiddling urlBlast and PageTest traffic

Hi Pat

quick question if I may.

I’m trying to sniff the traffic from urlBlast and PageTest as I’m not up and running yet.

I cannot see any traffic in Fiddler from PageTest (urlBlast is successfully querying for work items and the PageTest window appears then disappears.)

Is this what you expect - or does this indicate a problem? Does PageTest use wininet?



P.S. I’m unlucky enough to be on a Vista machine and have to run urlBlast as admin if it is to call for work items. In case this sheds any light on this.

Thanks again.

There’s definetly a probleem in there somewhere. Pagetest uses the web browser control which uses wininet under the covers. It could be a compatibility problem with fiddler since we’re both hooking the API’s but if it happens without fiddler as well then that’s not the problem.

I may have to send you a debug build of pagetest to identify what is going wrong.

FWIW, urlblast always has to run as admin because it needs to delete the browser cache for the users it creates to run the tests (it spawns pagetest off as a different user, usually with limited permissions).



Cheers Pat.