How to remove unused CSS - Page Speed Insights Test

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a website and I’m getting recommended issues to “remove unused CSS”. I’m not sure how to go about this without breaking the website.

The two places Page Speed Insights is saying to improve are:



Both these plugins are active and being used, but the CSS files are recommended to be removed, screenshot below.

How would I go about finding these files and deleting them to improve the test results? I’m not too sure if this is really worth the time/effort to find and fix, but it is one of the only errors on the test results, so I figured it was worth while.

Thanks for any help!

Page Speed Insights is suggesting removing the parts of those css files that didn’t apply to the page that was being tested. It doesn’t exercise every possible page and every possible viewport so it tends to be optimistic. It is also likely a trivial savings.

hey you can follow my tutorials on how to remove unused CSS (not intended to spam you)