How to tell if Cloudflare is slowing my site down?

Hi all,

I have two pretty lightweight, optimised sites here:

Wondering how I can tell if Cloudflare is having a speed impact? Should I remove it from those two sites?

I like the SSL certificate it shows - the Cloudflare SSL looks more professional than the LetsEncrypt one. Other than that, I wouldn’t miss their features - I use Wordfence for security.

Thanks in advance for the help!

You can disable the Cloudflare reverse proxy by clicking the orange icon in the DNS settings for your domain so it turns grey. The icons look the one’s at the top of the article here:

You would need to do this for the A and WWW record.

Wait a few minutes for that to update then test the page again to see if there’s any difference to the load time and if it’s advantageous in keeping Cloudflare.

If your server is close to your target location then chances are you won’t see a benefit in using a CDN.

I agree with what what clubberz said - but would also suggest testing from multiple locations. Cloudflare usually helps optimize your site from around the world, not just near your server.