how to test page on QQbrowser

Hi, pmeenan

My site is mostly accessed from QQ mobile browser(,which is widely used in China.

Is there any way for me to set up a private instance using QQ mobile browser?

Thanks for prividing such a powerful agent!

You might be able to extend the blackbox browser testing that supports UC Mini, UC Browser, Opera Mini and Samsung Browser to also test QQ. The data you get back will be very limited (just visual metrics and bytes in/out) but it should be doable.

If you open a github issue I can take a look when I get a few free cycles:

I went ahead and filed an issue here:

Hi Meenan, Thanks you for your assistance. I would try it after the National Day :slight_smile:

According to your commit for browser_android_chrome.js(commit link),all browsers are treated as black box except chrome on android platform. Is there a possibility that QQ mobile browser could fully support wptagent?

None of the other browsers (except for Firefox) that I am aware of support a remote debug protocol (or at least have published documentation on how to do it). Some form of remote debugging is needed for it to not be treated as black-box.

If you have information on how to do it I’d be happy to accept a pull request with code that implements the debug interface but without it you would need to ask the developers of QQ to implement something (or if they are just using the OS webview, to enable to remote debug for webview).

Support for black box browsers will continue to improve with possibly some basic waterfall support (from tcpdump) and maybe CPU utilization.

The QQ browser on Android use X5 engine instead of OS webview.
QQ browser provide the TBS studio for remote debug, so i guess there exits a debug protocol which is not published now.
I will try to ask from the developers.

Hi ,I have opened a github issue here