Huge first byte time
any suggestions???

Really hard to say without knowing more about how the site was built on the back-end. We don’t have visibility into the first byte time performance from the outside world so you usually have to instrument or profile the app itself to figure out what is going on.

9 times out of 10 it’s because of a slow database but if the app server has to make calls out to other services it could be from those as well.

If it is built on Java, PHP or Ruby I recommend trying out New Relic - - you can run it right on the production systems and it makes it really easy to find our wheer the time is coming from.

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I got my order Jintropin
. The Test was on back order so it took 3 weeks to get here but the DECA arrived within 12 days or so. I will be ordering again from this these guys Halotestin
. Thank you.