Inconsistent Results


I am using browser-based version of web page test. I have created a script. When I am running it for 9 iterations, some of the iterations are passing and some are not. The number of iterations passing is also not constant. The error that I am getting is [color=#FF0000]Test completed but failed[/color]. I have tried using different locations and browsers also. But the results were still same.

As per my understanding if there is issue in script it should not work for single iteration also.

Please help me out in finding where the problem could be, how to resolve it and do let me know if u need any more information.


It kind of depends on what the script is doing and if the content changes. For example, sometimes you get situations where the repeat view fails because cookies are kept from the first view and a login page won’t show up. If you use combineSteps instead of turning logging on and off you might be able to track down where it is failing in the path and see in the screen shots why