Initial Connection & SSL Negotiation Time


Homepage url of my website is

Here is its webpagetest result

My main concern are these two:
[color=#FF0000]Initial Connection: 239 ms
SSL Negotiation: 461 ms[/color]

Together, they are taking about 700 ms which should ideally be done within 150-200 ms.

Can anyone please help in resolving this or throw some light as to what can be the main reason for such a high time.

Any help in this direction would be greatly appreciated!

There are 2 parts to optimizing your site, the code (htaccess and whatnot) and then comes optimizing the hardware server itself, the backend. You need to look into how to optimize SSL performance at the hardware (server) level, which I assume you use apache.

One of the first places you should check for ways to optimize your VPS is Apache. Apache can be one the biggest hogs of server resources if it is not configured correctly, especially on a VPS. There are various settings, such as KeepAlive, MaxClients, StartServers, and MaxRequestsPerChild, that can be tweaked to provide a better performing server.

It looks like your running nginx - which is a good choice. You tested from Dulles, VA - but the site appears to be hosted with digital ocean in India. Those locations will easily have some substantial latency between them. SSL Negotiation often takes more than 1 packet back and fourth - so I can see where those numbers could be coming from. Webpagetest has a test location in Mumbai - I suggest re-running from there and see what the numbers look like.

I ran from Mumbai and here are the numbers:
Initial Connection: 50 ms
SSL Negotiation: 277 ms
First Byte is around 520 ms

So, are these numbers fine or does it need more work ?

Those look much better -

I tested 2 sites which are quite optimized and using a very close test location and got some better numbers, but you look to be not bad. The first 2 metrics - you can’t do too much about are far as configuration to nginx / etc. The TTFB - you can - based on your application setup.


Site1 >
Initial Connection: 31 ms
SSL Negotiation: 41 ms
Time to First Byte: 85 ms

Site 2>
Initial Connection: 56 ms
SSL Negotiation: 70 ms
Time to First Byte: 106 ms