iOS tests

Can we run tests in iPhone from Windows machine?

Probably not. Video capture for sure only works from a Mac. Just testing performance MAY work from Windows (and Linux) if you get libimobiledevice and the ios debug proxy built and installed but I don’t think the proxy has any support for Windows.

Thanks Patrick Meenan

Hi Patrick,

I have done the necessary setup and it seems everything is looking good but still the tests are not running in iPhone - Safari. I am using iPhone 6s (9.1).

My Location.ini




./ -m debug --browser ios:f166b54bc606b7769473869623fe196b3cca566c --serverUrl http://localhost:8888 --location Example_iPhone

Agent Log :

root@f166b54bc606b77694738692623fe196b3cca566c’s password:
D Jun_08_11:54:59.789 process_utils.js:335 ChildProcess.exports.scheduleExec : ssh -F /dev/null -i /Users/vijay/.ssh/id_dsa_ios -o ‘ProxyCommand=“/Users/vijay/Documents/WebPageTest/webpagetest-WebPageTest-2.19/agent/js/lib/ios/usbmux_python_client/” -u %h’ -o ‘User=root’ f166b54bc606b7769473862623fe196b3cca566c ‘echo show State:/Network/Interface/en0/IPv4|scutil’ close on timeout kill
D Jun_08_11:54:59.794 process_utils.js:263 scheduleExec : Exec with timeout(10000): ./ipfw_config clear --device f166b54bc606b7769473862623fe196b3cca566c
D Jun_08_11:54:59.839 process_utils.js:327 ChildProcess.exports.scheduleExec : stderr[164] +++ /sbin/ipfw list
./ipfw_config: line 47: /sbin/ipfw: No such file or directory
+++ /sbin/ipfw list
./ipfw_config: line 47: /sbin/ipfw: No such file or directory
W Jun_08_11:54:59.894 wpt_client.js:552 Client.requestNextJob_ : Agent is not ready: ssh -F /dev/null -i /Users/vijay/.ssh/id_dsa_ios -o ‘ProxyCommand=“/Users/vijay/Documents/WebPageTest/webpagetest-WebPageTest-2.19/agent/js/lib/ios/usbmux_python_client/” -u %h’ -o ‘User=root’ f166b54bc606b7769473862623fe196b3cca566c ‘echo show State:/Network/Interface/en0/IPv4|scutil’ timeout after 10 seconds, stderr[162] Connecting to device <MuxDevice: ID 16 ProdID 0x12a8 Serial [color=#32CD32]‘f166b54bc606b7769473862623fe196b3cca566c’ Location 0x14200000>
Connection established, relaying data[/color]
root@f166b54bc606b7769473862623fe196b3cca566c’s password:

Am I doing anything wrong? Please help me.