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Is there a list of the IP addresses of the test locations? Or can I trust that the first (public) IP address listed on a tracert from a test location is the IP address of the test location?

I have searched the forums and the wiki without any luck.

I need this because I submitted a support case with a CDN vendor on a case where content was not fetched from the nearest CDN PO (Singapore) even though I was testing from the Singapore test location.

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You can get the IP address of each of the test machines from here: http://www.webpagetest.org/getTesters.php

If it helps, the Singapore location is running in Amazon’s EC2 cloud and I have seen CDN’s have problems with that before.

Thanks Patrick, I appreciate the quick reply!


Ive seen this in Asia very often.

When testing CDNs from both Amazon EC2 (singapore) and various ISPs in Thailand, many CDNs fluctuate between Asian POPs. Usually I get Singapore, Hongkong or Japanese POPs. – Even Amazon cloudfront occasionally gets it wrong when testing from singapore EC2 which is probably a few racks away…

Probably they are load balancing or something.

I would like to open the port for WebPageTest for our internal QA boxes. Looking at this page http://www.webpagetest.org/getTesters.php I am able to see some IP addresses, but some of them are using private addresses like 192.168.

So how do I know public IP addresses of test server for certain locations?

The Dulles test agents should be the only ones listing 192.168.x.x (they talk to the server through an intranet). They will all egress from

I have whitelisted in order to run Dulles test agent (iPhone6) testing, however I’m getting no data back. Is still correct?

Yep, still accurate. Try with the desktop browsers first because those are a lot more stable and should give you something back (even if it is a page load error). Android is the next most reliable and iOS is by far the least.

All good with desktop browsers (chrome, IE11), the IP is whitelisted and I can get results back without entering auth info
No joy with android or iOS unfort, the screenshots still indicate that the authentication prompt is still firing on devices.

Are you using a script to manipulate the requests in some way (adding cookies for example)? Most script features don’t work on the mobile devices which is the only thing that comes to mind.

no scripts at the moment, just hitting the homepage directly

One trick I use to get the IP address of an agent is to make a request for http://whatismyip.akamai.com/ and look at the screen capture. This will show the IP of the agent as seen on the internet. You could then use this for white-listing purposes.

eg: here’s the test run from a Nexus browser in Dulles:

thats a great idea! i will do this, many thanks!