Tester IP address is shown as the IP from where the test were configured


I have used bulk WPT tool (Google Sheets) to run tests on Whirlpool site. I had configured the test to run from Dulles, Virginia, USA - Chrome/FIOS.

The test result shows Tester: VM01-06-
On IP lookup, this URL is from Pune, India and am executing these tests from Pune.

I ran configured the test to run from London, still the tester’s IP address is from Pune.

So can someone please tell me is this configuration error from WPT end? Or any other thoughts?


What IP address are you doing the lookup for? If YOU are in Pune then there is a good chance that whatever tool you are using is reporting your IP address location.

192.168.x.x is a private IP range that isn’t exposed to the Internet and can’t be Geo-located. That is because the Dulles test machines are on the same private network as the main WebPageTest server (both of which are in my basement in Dulles, VA).

Every test machine is physically located in the city/country that they are described to be in.